Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wanted: Creative People Part I

A company in the United select future employment in a unique way, namely by asking a question that requires creativity in the answer. If the answer is considered correct, he would immediately be accepted at the company. Because due to filling jobs vacancy is not easy.

The situation is like this: You are driving a car that is only enough for two passengers are in the midst of a severe storm. Your car then passed the old bus stop and there you see three people waiting for help. The first person is a grandmother who seems already dying from the cold, the second person is a man who once saved your life, and the third is the idol of the heart that had long you seek.

The question is because your car is only fit for one person just because that one is you sit on, which of the three men who will you please?

Before you know where the most correct answers, you must have felt that the creativity in thinking is needed to answer the question.

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