Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wanted: Creative People Part II

When these creative people are needed in many companies, not only in advertising or film industry. Because the people who are good at creative in every situation, is a flexible person and included in the category of people who have Emotional Intelligence. Are not those who succeed in career and business that have the most is emotional intelligence?

Creativity does not deal directly with talent. Creativity is determined jobs vacancies by how much knowledge is stored in "libraries" your memory. The more frequent and more you read the book, the more also the inspiration of creativity stored on the hard disc of your brain, which until now have not there is capacity that is able to match, even by even the most advanced computer ever created on this earth.

The experts found that the ability of the human brain just used about 5% only. Humans are believed to have used his brain capacity by 7% is Albert Einstein. You can try to maximize your brain works by trying to answer the question.

We are often easy to forget the contents of the books ever read, but that does not mean it's useless. Most important is not the details but the essence or moral message that will influence the thinking readers. You may have forgotten who the father of teacher Rainbow Warriors gang in the novel "Laskar Pelangi" which was incredible, but you certainly inspired by the novel or film.

Creative answers are considered correct by the company apparently is: You got out of the car and meet people who never save your life, for help to save old grandmother who was cold. Meanwhile, you enjoy romantic moments alone together with the idol of the heart.

If you'd choose to help an old grandmother who is dying, do not be disappointed, although you are not accepted to jobs vacancy at least you've helped someone's life.

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