Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What You Need To Keep Secrets From the Office's Part I

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Socialize it must be done in your work. Maintain good relationships with co-workers not only make your work so much smoother, but also make you more comfortable working. Friendly environment is one factor that can make an employee eager to complete their responsibilities.

Good relations with colleagues can sometimes develop further a close friend. You spend time after hours with him, 'chat' at length about personal matters or on the job. But as intimate-you familiar with co-workers, there are limitations on what can you 'talked about' with them. Among them are as follows:

1. Your efforts to find a new job. Maybe you are excited at finding a suitable job opportunity or are called to undergo tests and interviews. You want to immediately share the story with the people closest to you, including friends who also co-office. Yet, however large the desire, you better hold 'lust' storytelling. It is not possible this news will be circulated among the management and they begin to doubt your loyalty to the company. And you are determined to continue carrying out your responsibility to find a new job. If it turns out later you decide to remain in the company right now, this issue will affect the possibility of promotion that you will receive.
2. Salaries and allowances amount you receive. Salary is a sensitive issue that should not be discussed with other employees. There are even companies that set off alarms for any matters related to the amount of salary, allowances or bonuses are not discussed with other employees. The goal is to not arise atmosphere uncomfortable and not conducive to work due to envy each other with co-workers salaries. HRD has its own assessment in determining the amount of salary. This is sometimes not known to all employees so that they feel able to assess the salary that should be accepted by them and other employees.

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