Thursday, 4 November 2010

Women Interests - What Are Women Really Interested in? (A Macho Conservative Jerk's Thoughts)

Author:  Linden Scott

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It is my position: the women of the left, and the women of the right, have much more in common than anything one thinks!
What woman of any persuasion, doesn't like a baby? Give me a break - what MAN of any persuasion doesn't like a baby, or a puppy? That's why they are such great advertising props - everyone loves them both.
Do the women of the left WANT to kill babies?
No! They want to save babies not yet born from a life of misery. How? They say, by making it easy for pregnant women to "let go" of pregnancy. This way, babies are not born to anything less-than a responsible and loving mother and environment which really wants this new life.
Similarly, conservative women want the same thing, without the destruction of a living being, once that being is created.
They argue: a baby being chased in the womb by a probing needle designed to suck their brains out, will "run" as much as they can run in the womb. Video is solid evidence of this sad fact. To say that a "running fetus" attempting to save it's life is not alive, is absurd!
Who is right?
Let's not focus on who is right. Instead, let's focus on the common ground of all women. What is that? It's this: "All babies deserve a secure and loving upbringing." All women want all babies to be loved, secure, and safe!
What's the answer?
As far as the conflict goes: There is probably not a good answer. What is the immediate answer for improving the plight of babies? It may be cooperation on the points for which there is agreement between left and right.
Like what?
A safe environment! How can that be improved? If more mothers, regardless of their "Family Status", are able to control their situation by the amount of money they make, then how can both sides of the argument help them do that?
In other words:
"Mothers who make more money, will find it easier to provide a loving, secure, and safe environment for the baby."
So what can help with that?

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