Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Work table is your Personality Mirror Part I

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If you want to know more about the original personality of your coworkers, do not bother to interview, told him to fill out a quiz, and even perform 'penerawangan' like a psychic. Enough lyrics alone desk, there the picture of a man like him if he posted clearly. Research conducted by a leading recruitment agency mentioned that your desk can reveal the original character, habits, and ambitions, the owner. How come? Namely by looking at objects that are on it. People who desk neat and clean without any little knick-knacks have many different keperibadian with people who like displaying a collection of action figures in every corner of his desk. Under this method, obtained six personality whose details are as follows:

Super Neat table. There is no such thing as paper strewn, post-it note stuck here and there, or dolls that mejeng funny on the computer, nothing. That looks just notes, stationery and equipment necessary work. Conditions such as this table shows Quite power that can be intimidating, kehati-hatian/waspada (perhaps to disguise the less reassure experience in the past) because of lack of appreciation. The owner of this table are moody people, want to feel needed, charming, and reliable. Although it works fine, it tends to not be impatient and do not tolerate mistakes, so if he is not worthy team player and would prefer to work alone.

Regular table but messy. This means the owner try to look neat but sometimes did not work. He would panic if the work is not within reach, thus creating a filing system in the form of piles of paper that for long were mounting. Paper reminders taped neatly, but when a state of chaos, which ultimately required was not found. People like this often relieve stress and anxiety by drinking coffee or smoking because he always worked hard. They like to chat, adaptable, flexible, and good at generating ideas brilliant.

Creative messy desk. Usually filled with knick-knacks that showed interest in the owner and his attitude is always alert and creative. This person is a source of great ideas and was a lateral thinker. Very focused with the job as to not have time to socialize or rest.

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