Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Work table is your Personality Mirror Part II

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Performance tables Personality. Full of personal touches, such as your favorite celebrity posters, vacation photos, cute dolls, plants, to accessories. The owner of this table is Lively, dynamic and always wanted a refresher. They thirst for entertainment at any time. He's outgoing, likes to talk, but it turns down easily so it always needs praise and support.

Trophy table. Full of evidence and traces the success of the owner. Not necessarily always in the form of plaque or medal awards, because sometimes your vacation photos to Europe or the display of expensive souvenirs to give enough evidence that he has achieved success. Such tables usually occupied by a team leader who always thinks big, ambitious, and sometimes bossy.

Table shows. This table describes the image the wrong neighbor owner. The lack of personal touch at all gives the impression of distance and control. Usually people like this have two sides of personality. He was just hanging out with people in their community, because when you return to work at his desk, he will become very professional.

Well, after reading the above description, which is most close to your personality? Even if you want to look and apply professional at work, your personality will always be reflected in everything you do. Your desk is one that becomes a window for others to menggintip who your true self.

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