Thursday, 11 November 2010

Working With a Worshipping, Why Not? Part II

Here are some simple tips for getting optimal Ramadan you even done while
jobs vacancy working at the office :

Intend liver, themselves. Work and worship has a different orientation, one to meet the needs of the world, and the other employment jobs for the spiritual and the afterlife. But that does not make both of them are optional because the laws are equally mandatory. Busyness or weight of the work is often used as an excuse for dereliction of worship such as fasting or prayer. Conversely fasting conditions used the opportunity to laze around in the work. To be able to live it in tandem, strengthen your faith and submitting to the Almighty, surely you could have done that. And pray and also be implemented smoothly without there's something disturbing.

Keep the stamina employment for worship and work goes smoothly. For work activities are not disrupted because of fasting, take advantage of your meal the best. Sahur also counted so that miss the same worship by refusing to reward. By consuming foods that are healthy and rich in energy, doing your daily work in a state of fasting should not be a problem. In addition to maximizing the dawn, do not forget enough water intake, multivitamin intake, rest and exercise, although not excessive are the ways to maintain stamina.

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