Thursday, 11 November 2010

Working With a Worshipping, Why Not? Part III

Dhikr whenever reminded of him. While on his way to the office, located in the elevator, waiting for the photocopier, when walking into the cubicle friends, anytime and anywhere. Basmallah say when starting a job and give thanks when the complete sentence is a simple example that can be socialized. While there is a chance, jobs vacancy make good to mention and remember his name as much as possible.

Water the heart with a read / heard the Qur'an. Maybe employment read the Koran in the office can not be done with a solemn and freely because of the limited time and place, but after prayer time can be used to read the holy KITAP and deepen its meaning. Do not forget to always put the Quran and the translation on your desk. However, little better than none, 1-2 sheets of course it's still possible. If you narrow or break time can not leave the table at all, simply open the Quran stored on computers and read a few letters. Reading did not have time? Lantunannya Listen in MP3 format can also be an option.

Keep oral, avoid gossip. Sometimes without realizing it while chatting with co-workers called the edges so gossiping about others. During fasting (and better if passed after the fast ends), avoid gossiping here and there. Besides damaging your worship, it is also a waste of time. If you really want to talk, stay away from topics that lead to gossip and issues italics. Better to talk about fasting and worship.

Make employment jobs as your charity fields. Worship not only vertically but also horizontally. Do good to colleagues even small levels will multiply in value. Especially if it can exercise restraint and patience from those who are sensitive to emotions, certainly bigger reward. Therefore, to maximize the inter-human worship is to increase the coffers you practice fasting as well as a general exercise in endurance and patience in the fight against the passions so that you live Ramadan feels more meaningful.

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