Monday, 1 November 2010

The Youth Minimum Wage

Author:  James Witherspoon

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The Fair Labor Standards Act has specific regulations that deal with the employment of youth. One of those regulations is the youth minimum wage which is age and time dependent. This regulation is put in place to protect both youth workers and employers. But a failure to comply with these FSLA regulations could mean that a hard-working youth is not being fairly compensated.
Hard work performed by a person of any age should be compensated fairly. Because of this, employers are responsible knowing  and uphold FSLA regulations regarding the compensation of employees under the age of 20. The youth minimum wage standard applies not just to minors, but also to those employees from age 18 to 20. It is also restricted to a specific period of time.
If a youth is hired for their first job they may be legally paid at a hourly wage rate of $4.25 for up to 90 consecutive calendar days. This regulation is cumulative so that the 90 count begins with the first day of their employment and ends ninety calendar days from that date, no matter their employee status or which employer they are working for. Also, these regulations no longer apply as soon as an employee turns 20, no matter how many days they have been working.
This youth minimum wage is also dependent on individual state regulations. States have the authority to raise, but not to lower the youth minimum wage and the age of persons to which it applies.

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