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job vacancies : Purchasing Manager at MANDARIN ORIENTAL JAKARTA


Purchasing Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Major responsibilities:
* Prepare and analyze proposals and determine appropriate elections of suppliers based on the company standards and expectations.
* Negotiate cost effective purchases for all supplies and services, while meeting all MOHG guidelines and quality specifications.
* Examine and review proposed products and services to determine compliance with departmental specifications or standards, suggest substitute items when beneficial.
* To obtain most competitive quotes from suppliers, minimal three quotes.
* Analyze market conditions in relation to recent, current and anticipated purchases.
* Review of vendor/contractor history to determine that they are capable of producing the goods and services required.
* Review the requests and specifications recommended by department heads to determine whether quality level described is appropriate for intended use and whether specifications are cost effective.
* Standardize items in common use to eliminate unnecessary variations/features and lower costs through bulk purchasing.
* Analyze trade journals, catalogues, directories and other technical material with respect to market and price conditions.
* Initiate and implement research of new products and technologies to reduce procurement costs and to improve the quality of goods and services purchased.
* Conduct monthly/quarterly inventories.
* Review stock inventory levels and purchase patterns to maximize purchase dollars.
* Perform a regular supplier FLHSS audit, to make sure that their productions comply with MOHG requirement.
* Perform a regular market survey, with the assistances of either Chefs, Engineering staff, or any staff assigned, and to be reported to Financial Controller and Cost Controller
* To attend the monthly Financial Statement meeting, when required by Financial Controller.
* To review and re-negotiate source annual contract.
* Other duties as assigned.
2. Administration
* Prepare necessary purchasing documents in accordance with procurement requirements.
* Check and approve purchase orders prior to review by Financial Controller and General Manager.
* Maintain library of resource materials.
* Prepare/Update all records, log books, journals, involving purchasing standards and procedures.
* Provide accounting staff with required approved documentation, so that procurement of materials and services may be placed, shipped, and paid in a timely fashion.
3. General management:
* Develop specific departmental goals and plans.
* Communicate departmental status to Financial Controller on a determined periodical basis.
* Promote and maintain effective communication and interactions with all departments.
* Prepare and distribute all departmental reports.
* Continually strive to create a more professional, effective, and productive department.
4. Human Resources responsibilities:
* Establish reviews of Storeroom and Receiving Clerks for effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance with established rules and regulations.

employment jobs Requirements

* Bachelor Degree
* Years of Experience: Minimum of 3 years in Hospitality Purchasing
* Industry Experience: Complete knowledge and understanding of the Hospitality industry, purchasing policies and procedures.
* Computer literate. Knowledge in Moreton Bay is an advantage.
* Organized, detail-oriented, able to make productive and efficient decisions.
* Communicate effectively and clearly.
* Good negotiation and analytical skills.
* Ability to assemble, analyze, understand integrated spread sheets and complex technical information.
* Prioritization skills necessary to meet deadlines.
* Ability to work flexible schedule to include weekends and holidays.
* Able to work concentrated and effective under pressure.
* Possess a friendly, energized and outgoing personality.
* Proficient in written and spoken Indonesia and English.
* Strong Team player.

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