Sunday, 9 January 2011

Financial Services Company is Looking for a new Business Officer


Financial Services Company

Yeah,thats right,guys. Financial Services Company is looking for a new talent to have a Career with them. Financial Services Company is a non-bank financial services company that has managed to get a system that provides real-time data and news - market news, data, analysis and analytical tools.

Financial Services Company is looking for the best candidate to run a business and leading this wonderful business, the Work that offer is: 

Business Officer (BO)

The Requirements are:

    1. Male / Female, age minimum 22 years
    2. D3 / S1 all the majors (preferably majoring in Economics or Banking)
    3. Not being tied to a lecture or other Company
    4. Ready to
Work immediately and willing to undergo selection
    5. You must live in Jakarta (cause this is Indonesia Vacancy)

Financial Services Company Offered you:

    1. Allowance
    2. Commission
    3. Career Path

You can apply your CV and latest picture,here: Business Officer Financial Services Service

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