Thursday, 13 January 2011

Parna Raya, PT Offer You a Job as Junior Geologist


Parna Raya, PT offer you a Job in Mining, this is what kind of Job you're looking for? Hold on guys, I will tell you about the position after you read about the company. Parna Raya, PT is a reputable holding company, member of Parna Raya Group.  Our businesses consists of tradings, chemicals, mining, oil and gas, hospitality (hotel), shipping and land transports, etc. The position that Parna Raya, PT offer is:

Junior Geologist

The Requirements are:

  • Fresh Graduate  Bachelor degree in Geology
  • Has knowledge in mapping and geological survey of steam coal
  • Willing to be placed anywhere around Indonesia and interested in Work field
  • Able to Work in team
  • Able to use survey tools such as compass and GPS
  • Able to use GIS software such as Mapinfo/ArcGIS/ArcView/Global Mapper/CAD
Junior Geologist will assist Senior Geologist in :
  • Preparation of Work field survey such as transportation, basecamp, flying camp, logistic
  • Field survey such as geological mapping, test pit, trenching, geophysical method and drilling
  • Conduct documentation and sample collection systematically for reporting

This is Job Indonesia, so before you send your CV+latest picture you must an Indonesian and you must have all the requirements. You may send your complete CV + latest picture to:  


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